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To encourage the interest in the engineering profession in today's youth, we provide links to sites that encourage this pursuit.

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ACE Mentor Program Western PA Chapter is seeking Mentor Volunteers.

The ACE Mentor Program provides high school students the opportunity to connect with professionals in the ACE industry. Volunteers are asked

  • Share their knowledge and skills with the students
  • Participate in events including design of hypothetical projects, tours of local construction sites, trades exhibitions, office tours, etc.
  • Convey their experiences throughout college and the workforce
  • Explain various disciplines within the ACE industry to give students a broad understanding of the many fields of study/expertise
  • Help students build skills and develop short-term and long-term
    study and career goals

This is a great opportunity to join a new chapter and make a difference in the lives of young people. These young people are the future of the ACE Industry!

For more information, please visit

For more information on the ESWP's Student Programs, email us.

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